Exam Tips
Examination Tips
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Before the exam

·         Check the time and place for the exam.

·         Do not cram at the last minute.

·         Put your equipment in a clear plastic bag the night before.

·         Get a good night's sleep.

·         Eat before the exam but not junk food.

·         Avoid people who make you feel nervous.

·         Stay calm and confident. Breathe deeply.

·         Don't forget your equipment.

·         Be early for the exam.


In the exam

·         Stay calm. Relax. Stay focused.

·         Have confidence in yourself.

·         Answer the easy questions first.

·         Do not spend too long on each question. If you have extra time at the end return to the question.

·         Do not use twink, pencil or red pen.

·         Cross out mistakes with a single line.

·         Use diagrams to support your answer. Label clearly.

·         Read questions twice. Circle key terms.

·         Do not bulk up an answer. Keep to the point!

·         Proof read answers. Ask yourself – Have I written a complete answer? Have I answered the question that was asked?

·         Match the length of your answer to the space provided.

·         Watch out for plurals in questions. For example, 'Name features of graphs' means that you are required to write at least two features.

·         Label extra pages clearly and attach them to your exam booklet.


Best Of Luck

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