Bad Habits
Bad habits

Follow these simple DONT’S in your life:

 1] Cheating won't solve; Getting good grades will motivate you to study and achieve more. 

 2] Although some people find it a "good" idea, drinking absurd amounts of coffee/tea/any other caffeine source is NOT a good move, especially on the day before the exam. You'll crash eventually and you'll feel groggy the day of the exam, guaranteeing you'll most likely flunk it. You should eat only how much you require by your mood. Eating beyond mood will stress your stomach and a bit your mind.

 3] Some people like to have the TV on quietly in the background. This can cut both ways in that it can distract you from time to time but also can help you to continue studying. It's a risky strategy to have the TV on: nobody really knows how much it takes away from your attention and may be distracting you a lot more than you realize.

 4] Don't be overconfident by telling your friends that you will be first. 


 5] DONT be late for exams.


 6] Remember one thing in your life that; 'study without ambition is a bird without wings' is also like 'study without aim is like a human without brain.'


 7] Don't be overconfident, always assume the hardest questions so that you're ready, so that everythiing will seem easier. 


 8] Don't panic on exam day. On the night before the exam, and in the morning of read through your notes a few times, then put them away.


 9] Don't panic if you have not studied well. Just think over the question and you might remember something the teacher taught you. After all, you are studying things that men/ women have discovered before without previous knowledge.


10] Don't stress out, it makes your mind work slower.


11]Don’t have a stressful and unbalanced life; exams are simply a quick and lazy way to assess people. Don't panic, just study. 

Best Of Luck

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